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Web Design

Our main focus

Web pages, sites, intranet, simple or complex, CMS, social, viral, ..
Technologies: php, html, javascript, js libraries (jquery, mootols), CMS (Joomla b.v.), Flash, ..
programming & scripting    
Solves almost any problem or objective.
Technologies: Actionscript 3, javascript, js libraries, jquery, mootools, php, .NET, C#
Search Engine Optimization or internet marketing. Let your site come up in google.
SEO knowledge focused google
Make your information efficient, flexible, central and accessible everywhere
mysql mainly
animatie/presentation/rich media    
Inform, educate or train better through visual or animated to intelligent presentations. On the web, DVD, USB of HD.
We love to make science, educational or veggie animations!
vooral via flash
Structural, graphic and textual design

IT & web consulting

Strategize business data
Web content flow
Backup strategies

We offer very attractive non-profit & charity discounts!
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