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Web Design

Our main focus

Web development today is more than text, style en grafic design. We try to offer the full range of technologies and conceptual possibilities so that the best results are accomplished from your objective.
This does not necessarily mean it has to be big and expensive. We can provide simple demands and are also adept at the most demanding & complex requirements!
With an analytical & focused approach we enjoy sharing our skills to every business, organisation, person or more..


php, html, javascript, js libraries (jquery, mootols), CMS (Joomla b.v.), Flash, ..

Gebruiksvriendelijke web pages, sites, intranet, eenvoudig of compleet interactief of intelligent, CMS (Content-Management system = Beheer je eigen site inhoud), sociaal, viraal, .. U noemt het, wij vullen in!

Programming & scripting

Actionscript 3, javascript, js libraries, jquery, mootools, php, .NET, C#

Often used to make a page less crowded or more user-friendly (via tooltips, hovers, sliders, galleries, etc.), but also servers more exotic & intelligent sites. Solves many things and objectives.
Also used in flash presentations requiring calculations, formulas or algorithms.


Focused on google

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization. It is becoming increasingly important among the billions of sites to get your place.
In fact, it is mainly knowledge and (legal) rules that are applied to get the highest possible ranking for your site on search engines. Get your site found found easily in Google. Our main focus.
A certain amount of information or light training is also recommended to your site editor (s) because different strategies that play a major role have to be reflected in your content continuously. Creating the habit.
We also train (your) webmasters in both aspects above!
If you don't have a site yet, save some money and include SEO from the start!


vooral mysql

An (optimized) database for your information (content, product, contacts, producers, users, etc.) ensures a higher flexibility and efficiency to manage (storage, search, cross linking, statistics, etc.)..
We also provide centralization of different databases (e.g. 1 database or synchronization for both your newsletter subscriptions, outlook contacts, web-users, office and accounting software!).

video / animatie / presentatie / multimedia / DVD

flash, vector, ...

From simple to most complex presentations and intros with all types of multimedia, on the web, offline or on CD / DVD / USB, animated or not
We especially like to make scientific and educational (graphical) presentations!

Some examples and ideas

  • An entire company site where your employees add and edit content themselves (CMS), manage customers, products and services (CRM) or even keep track of each other and their own work (PM). Or your own specific business logic..
  • Very specific online web program adapted to your needs to offer, manage, view statistics on your activities via the internet..
  • Offer your stakeholders a forum or supportsite so that they save your time by helping each other or by referring, with a frequently asked questions department incorporated or separately.
  • An online shop for your products or services
  • An animated game to train employees; general (psychological, team spirit, ..) or applied to your industry (production process, informative, ..) or even very specific .
  • Optimise your site to be found faster or higher in google results (SEO).
  • Informative / educational presentation to make knowledge visually better to your stakeholders (students, colleagues, customers, ..).
  • An informative CD / DVD / USB about your organization, campaign or your software.