Sidmar navigator, interactieve presentatie

Arcelor production navigator

Flash / AS2 / (X)HTML / CSS

Flash presentatie rond Sidmar's (nu Arcelor) productieproces met allerlei opties (voice over, gesyncroniseerde ondertitels, kaartnavigatie, ..)

A project for introducing the web visitors of the steel company Sidmar, now ArcelorMittal Gent to the production process. You can select the different processes by clicking on the buildings on the map or using the overview panel. Each process has some animations and videos as explanation including some text which is also spoken. This is a really nice example of a modern, interactive, multimedia presentation for any company.


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The link is a demo. Not all data is available, if you want to see something, follow these steps:
  1. Open link below and press "START PRESENTATIE"
  2. Press "i" at the bottom and choose "Cokesfabriek" (only active element in demo).
  3. First it's going to show an animation, Press "NEXT" on the bottom (symbol like on a video player) and then a real movie comes up.